New video tutorial for photoshop. How to get that real cartoon effect with mixtape covers

New video tutorial. I did not do this video. Make sure you check out and subscribe to NoyseWorks here. This video gives you a great breakdown on how to get that real cartoon effect. There is no voice so you might have to rewind a few times because you will be able to read the video tutorial step by step. He did take the time to write everything out. Enjoy the video. We are working on updating the site and adding more exciting things to keep you visitors coming back. video                                                                                          

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Official Mixtape Cover Cartoon Effect Video Tutorial

Got my second video tutorial done. A quick way to get that mixtape cover cartoon effect everybody wants to know how to do
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Mixtape cover video tutorial - Learn how to use the pen tool

This video I show you how I use the pen tool to cut out images from backgrounds for my mixtape cover artwork. My first official mixtape cover tutorial. Will have plenty more tutorials on mixtape cover backgrounds and mixtape cover fonts. Learn how to design mixtape covers here. The only online blog with the top resources for mixtape cover deisnger. Dont forget to check out mixtape cover templates for the latest in templates for mixtape covers.
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I want to thank you!!!!!

Thank everybody for donating, visiting my blog, and purchasing my templates and other resources. You all should have gotten a surprise in your email!
Thank you guys for buying my mixtape cover templates. Thank you guys for checking out the site and coming back to it. I manage so many blogs plus I manage my graphic Design company all at the same time. I want to put my personal video mixtape cover tutorials up soon. Very soon
Again, thank you everybody. Keep coming back. If you have suggesting please feel free to contact me!
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Mixtape Cover Tutrorial - New Video Tutorial


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New website to downlaod Mixtape cover templates - Check it out!!!!

Found a new website where you can buy mixtape cover templates in psd format. Got a few good basic covers. Dude updates it a lot stay subscribe by email.
Website is here
Buy Mixtape Cover Templates

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also follow
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Jay-z "In My Lifetime" Mixtape cover PSD download NOW!

Download this mixtape cover psd file and open it in Photoshop. This cover was designed by my,, for a mixtape Dj I do work for. Jay-z "In My Lifetime" mixtape cover design art work tutorial you can use and work with the layers.

More templates Here
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 Here are 5 exclusive official PSD files you can use for your next project. The images are exclusive! You might of seen them on blogs but I am sure you do not have the actual PSD file. Starting at 3$ for 5 exclusive cut outs you can use for your next project. The image above is a preview of the cut outs. Next time I will have Tony Yayo, Maino, Twista, DMX, and Lil Boosie for my next PSD cut out. I have tons of exclusive images that I will begin to cut out and provide for all of you on my blog. Oh yea, if you pay for this with your own money I would advise not to go around uploading for other people to download after you paid for it. Keep it exclusive. The cheap visitors wont come near this,and that is about 90% of ya'll, and the rest of you will prob download for only 3$. So hopefully this will stay exclusive. Any issues downloading after making payment email me or leave comment please.

Contents include:
5 psd files
Jay-z, Nas, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, and 2pac
These are not full body images. I will advise you when they are
72 dpi ( Yea I know you need 300 Dpi, but hey im sure you are a pro!! Work with what you got!!!)

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If you love HIP HOP Join Everything Hip Hop today

I would like to introduce to you guys a HIP HOP community website created by one of my online business partners. It is a community website based on hip hop. Get the latest news, music, videos, mixtapes, and anything hip hop. The content is controlled by the members. So become an active member and post to this website and it will get featured on the front page. Plenty of you designers and music artist can use this website to promote your material. Take advantage of the site. Trying to make this the number one Hip Hop website on the internet. I am also throwing a contest. When you check out the website you will see a plain banner at the top. Design a banner with the correct size saying "IF ITS HIP HOP ITS HERE .COM" and your ad will be posted at the top of the website. So design a designer banner for yourself that will fit right under the adsense ads at the top incase you win. Put the hottest artist that are out now on the banner..any type of back ground. And reply in this post. I will also post a new post for the contest tomorrow incase ppl dont read this whole post
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Download T.I Grand Hustle Mixtape Cover PSD for 1.00$

OK, PPl I have a new psd file for download. Only thing is...since the last one had over 1,000 downloads...and since this project is an official project that was paid for by one of my clients...I am giving you this download for 1.00$. Download it. Study it. Take ideas from it. Use the cool render of the kilo if you like it. Do what ever you want. I am just giving this out as a download so you can see how I use layers and all my photoshop tools. This mixtape cover is an official mixtape cvoer I did and you will prob find it online somewhere. Or you are prob listening to it right now!! Feel free to leave any questions or comments on the post. Do not forget to share this website with your facebook and twitter!!
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Twitter template psd


Twitter Psd Template # 1

Twitter Psd Template # 2

These are the best and easiest Twitter Template psd Files I can find on the net! I used this and it worked. Twitter templates can be a pain to mess with but this makes it very easy.

Check the size of you monitor and that is what you want to work at in photoshop. The file as everything guided out for you so all you have to do is pick your resolution size. Once you do that use the crop tool to crop it down to the correct size and use that as your man canvas. Use the guide in the middle which will be where all the tweets will be shown at. Now you might have to mess with the white guide in the middle and move your main image around in photshop but this is the closest you will get to perfect. Once you upload to twitter use that as a guide from there to tweak your psd file in photoshop then re-save as a jpeg and upload again until you get it right. Good luck!!
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Official Tutorial: Learn how to blend images in Photoshop

Blending tutorial for photoshop- matting

Now this is a lengthy tutorial...but read it. You will learn new and understand old tools better. This blending a turtle but this will help trust me. Do it three times with 3 different images. It shows how to adjust lighting and colors in images to create surrealistic look almost like the manipulations you see on mixtape covers. Hopefully, you'll be able to transfer these methods to your own work. All images are included in links in the tutorials. This is a free download. File is a word document

Download here
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